Eagle’s Second Birth

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According the myth, the mighty bird can live as long as the man can live. But there is one condition. The eagle needs to undertake a painful process of dying and being reborn. The parallel with human life is similar. During the forties, if not even earlier, the man and the eagle are making choice between early death, or taking the path toward long life that is originally meant to be.

The eagle has the longest maximum age among the birds. The eagle can live 70 years. But, in order to reach that age the eagle need to make the decision.

Once the eagle reaches forty years of age his claws cannot catch pray as they did before. His beak become bended, his feathers become thick and heavy, which makes his flight difficult.
At that point the eagle has two options. First option is to let the things go and die. The second option is painful process of transformation that lasts for 150 days. Eagle has to go to isolated nest and to start with transformation.

First step is to start hitting rock with his beak, until it breaks and fall off. That eagle needs to wait until the new beak grows. Then he peck his old claws with newly grown beak. When new claws grow he uses them to remove his old feathers.

After 5 months the eagle is ready for the flight into rebirth that gives him additional 30 years.

The myth describes the situation that every one of us faces at certain age. Many times we must start over, in order to survive. We need to get rid of old habits, behaviors or environment. This is the only way how we can overcome difficult situation, get rid of the past and embrace the future.


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