This topic lists some tips for you to find the best way to use Brainwave Entrainment Podcasts.

Please note that the best practices are always up to your personal preference, but these are the general instructions.


• Download your Brainwave Entrainment Podcasts.


• Upload them to your Mp3 player or phone. Brainwave Entrainment Podcasts are like all other mp3 files, so they do not require any special treatment.


• Use stereo headphones. Binaural beats are based on the fact that each ear hears a different sound.


• Adjust the volume to a comfortable level. If the sound starts to distract you, turn the volume down. The volume can be very low (even barely audible) and still have 100% effectiveness.


• Find a quiet and relaxing place, where nobody will disturb you. Lie down comfortably. Use an extension cord so you can wear your headphones while lying on the bed. Be careful not to fall asleep! If you are familiar with different meditation positions, you may also try them.


• Some Brainwave Podcasts can be used while sitting at your computer and doing some work. Beta entrainment frequencies are best suited for this kind of use. is the best choice for choosing your Brainwave Entrainment Podcast. They give you the best offer in term of quality, range of products and price. Visit the and choose your program.


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