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Are you tired of being tired? It is a waste of life to be constantly tired.
Relaxing is the basics for everything. You cannot sleep unless you are relaxed. You cannot think or work unless you are relaxed. Everything start with a good relaxation.
Change your life now and learn how to relax.


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About BrainCast Relaxation

Are you tired of being tired? It is a waste of life to be constantly tired. Change your life now and learn how to relax.

Life is the continuous motion of cyclic events. We get up in the morning, we go to work or school, we go for shopping or having time with friends, we watch the movies or browse on internet…

Finally we rest, with hope that next day will be more productive than previous. This is good lifestyle, since it gives us opportunity to live with full capacity, by learning, earning, experiencing and developing through life.

 BrainCast Relaxation

Why Do You Need BrainCast Relaxation?

But, having the busy daily agenda is usually stressful and demanding. We get exhausted and we need a good rest. A good night sleep should be usually enough. Unfortunately, the balance between activity and relaxation is difficult to be maintained on the long run, especially in contemporary lifestyle. Our daily obligations are getting more and more demanding.

The company requires more and more from us than decades ago. We need to travel more and more, regardless is it because of work or leisure. Shopping or going out with friends also requires time and energy. Finally, when we come home, there are many things that we would like to spend time on: movies, internet, video games, books…

All this is very demanding for our physical body. How to get the energy to cope with all that? By having a good sleep? It should be. But what if we are too tired even if we try to sleep enough?

What if we do not have enough time to sleep? How many times you were so tired and tense that you simply couldn’t fall asleep? Could we somehow accelerate our relaxation and recharge our self faster.
BrainCast Relaxation


How Can You Experience BrainCast Relaxation?

Relaxation is process that is not something that is completely passive and automatic. There are many relaxation techniques that can be learned or used.
Yoga, meditation, massage or medications can accelerate the relaxation. However, most of them require additional time or effort in order to be effective.

The solution does not have to be always so difficult. Binaural Beats technology enables us to relax fully and quickly just by listening specially tailored audiocasts that effectively relax you and gives you well deserved state of relaxation. BrainCast Relaxation is such program that gives you bless of full relaxation, thanks to the audiocast.

But BrainCast Relaxation gives you much more. Contrary to other solutions on market, BrainCast gives you both audiocast and videocast.

 BrainCast Relaxation


What Are The Benefits of BrainCast Relaxation?

BrainCast Relaxation set gives you ultimate solution for your needs for quality and thoroughly relaxation. All this is available for affordable price. Both Mp3 and Mp4 programs, together with PDF manual, are available for the same price range of other providers that gives you only Mp3 solution.

The BrainCast Relaxation solution set contain audiocast with low Alpha brainwave frequencies, music and nature sounds. The BrainCast Relaxation videocast is accompanied with visuals that supports the relaxation. Use with your headphones on. For best results use program for 6-8 weeks.


BrainCast Relaxation program contains 2 tracks:

 1.) BrainCast Relaxation videocast - 20 min Mp4 (Premium Edition Only)

 2.) BrainCast Relaxation audiocast - 30 min Mp3


What do you need to do to achieve the experience and benefits of My BrainCast programs?
• Mp3 media player for Audiocast programs, with use of stereo headphones
• Mp4 media player for Videocast programs, with use of stereo headphones


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