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Mandala Meditation Premium


We all need a frequent mind reset in order to live to the full extent. good sleep, exercise and proper nutrition are the basics of our life. But the full wellbeing requires more deeper and tangible tuning of our whole being.
Meditation is ancient recipe for inner growth and self-realization. It is true that you can start with meditation anytime, but you need a years to reach perfection.
But there is a way of reaching meditative state easily. Learn how to meditate to the state of true happiness and fulfillment.


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About Mandala Meditation Premium

Meditation is not some mystique ritual reserved for monks on some isolated mountain. Even you can learn how to meditate very quickly. Learn ancient Mandala Meditation thanks to the unique combination of Mandalas and Binaural Beats Technology.

Meditation is an Active process that calms down your mind. By applying the meditation techniques, your brain temporarily “detach” from every day’s pressure and “attach” to your inner oasis of calmness.

Even if you meditate for only a few minutes a day, you will acquire astonishing ability to cope with your life. You will be able to develop consciousness about your inner being.

Mandalas in Sanskrit langrage means circle. Mandalas are spiritual and ritual symbol and represent the Universe. Meditation with mandala is done by placing it at the eyesight level.

You can observe the pictures effortlessly or even close your eyes and try to imagine the picture. When your eyes are open, let them browse freely around picture, exploring every detail of it.

Then stop your glance at the center of picture and let the shapes of image occupy your mind. When your eyes are tired, close hem and try to image the picture in your mind.
Mandala Meditation

Why Do You Need The Mandala Meditation?

Why do you need to meditate? There are many benefits of meditation. Researchers have shown that meditation techniques can significantly alleviate stress and feeling of anxiety, therefore provide positive influence to your mind and body.

Since it does not require any sport skill, conducting meditation techniques is ideal for those who are sick, or those who recover from injuries.
Mandala Meditation


How Can You Exercise Mandala Meditation?

Meditation requires some time and guidance to be learned. There are many meditation techniques that can be learned. Yoga and other mental disciplines can teach you to meditate. However, most of them require additional time or effort in order to be effective.

Luckily, Mandala Meditation BrainCast gives the solution that is very easy. Binaural Beats technology enables us to relax fully and quickly just by listening specially tailored audiocast that effectively relax you and prepare you for meditation.

Mandala Meditation BrainCast is program that gives you guidance to meditation, thanks to the combination of audiocast and Mandala visuals. But, Mandala Meditation BrainCast Relaxation gives you much more. Contrary to other solutions on market, Mandala Meditation BrainCast gives you both audiocast and videocast.

Mandala Meditation

What Are The Benefits of Mandala Meditation BraniCast Set?

Mandala Meditation BrainCast set gives you perfect solution on your way of becoming successful meditator. All this is available for affordable price. Both Mp3 and Mp4 programs, together with Mandala visuals and PDF manual, are available for the same price range of other providers that gives you only Mp3 solution.

The Mandala Meditation solution set contain audiocast with Theta brainwave frequencies, music and nature sounds. The Mandala Meditation videocast is accompanied with Mandala visuals that supports the meditation. Use with your headphones on. For best results use program for 6-8 weeks.


Mandala Meditation Program Contains 2 Tracks:
1.) Mandala Meditation videocast - 15 min Mp4
2.) Mandala Meditation audiocast - 30 min Mp3


Extra: Mandalas provided in JPG

What Do You Need To Do To Achieve The Experience And Benefits Of My BrainCast Programs?
• Mp3 media player for Audiocast programs, with use of stereo headphones
• Mp4 media player for Videocast programs, with use of stereo headphones


Mandala Meditation Infographics


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