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The Deep Sleep Premium


Sleep and activity are in opposition, but they should be aligned in the harmony. Any disbalance of the harmony leads to sleep disorders. As consequence our activity is less productive. The cycle continues with health problems, relationships problems, loss of enthusiasm, depression … Where is the end?
The answer is – at the beginning. All starts with good sleep. return yourself to the most powerful cure for all your problems – good sleep. restore the order in your live. let the life force flow freely again. get what you deserve – a good sleep.


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About The Deep Sleep Premium

We spend a good part of our life by sleeping. Are we sure that we use this time in a best way? Could our sleep be better?

Let’s improve our life by giving it more energy that will take us throughout the whole day.

We cannot live without sleeping. Even for a basic functioning we need a minimum amount of sleeping. But for active and joyful life we need more than to have some sleep.
We need a GOOD sleep. This does not mean to spend many hours in bed. Here we speak a sleep that is HIGH in quality and moderate in duration.

The Deep Sleep

Why Do You Need The Deep Sleep?

The average need for sleeping varies from person to person. Babies sleep all day long. As we grow the duration of the sleeping time decreases to 8 hours.

At elderly age the sleep reduces to 5-6 hours. But the pure term of duration is not the main reference for having a GOOD sleep. Good sleep is more about quality than quantity.

The quality of the sleep depends of the environment to the certain degree. But, the crucial fact of having a good sleep is our personal ability to relax, fall asleep deep enough and stay there long enough until we repair our mind and body and until we recharge batteries for the next day.

During the sleep our brainwaves go down to deep delta state. The sleeping is occurring in sleeping cycles of 1-2 hours. Although the sleeping is natural and looks as something that is easy, unfortunately it does not come that easy for many people.

The reason of having a poor ability to have a proper sleep is our separation for our true nature. Daily rush, running for work and money, many obligation and endless ambitions are heavily pressing our biological mechanisms.

Our nerves are tense, glands are not functioning properly, and mind is rushing all around like a crazy. We try with medications, or we do not try anything at all. We really need something that will turn us back on track. We need the balance in life. We need ability to have a quality sleep back.

The Deep Sleep

How Can You Benefit From The Deep Sleep?

If we want to have a quality sleep we need to look at the beginning. The brain slows down its operating frequency during the sleep period. Induction to sleeping requires gradual slow down of the brainwave frequency.

If we are to tense or nervous, it is very difficult to relax, slow down and to fall to sleep. We need to learn how to naturally slow down and allow our self to go into the relaxing and deep sleep.

Deep Sleep braincast uses binaural beats technology, together with nature sounds and visuals that will help you to achieve desired ability to fall asleep and to awake relaxed and recharged.

Remember, in order to sleep you need to slow down your brainwave frequency. Deep Sleep braincast induce your brain to low Delta frequencies, providing you to release tension and worries accumulated during the day and to sink into deep state of sleep.

Deep Sleep Braincast gives you powerful set of videocast and audiocast tandem.

The Deep Sleep

What Are The Benefits of The Deep Sleep BrainCast Set?

Deep Sleep set gives you ultimate solution for your needs for deep and quality sleep. All this is available for affordable price. Both Mp3 and Mp4 programs, together with PDF manual, are available for the same price range of other providers that gives you only Mp3 solution.

All you need is to get your Deep Sleep BrainCast program. Download it instantaneously and follow the instruction manual. Get your Deep Sleep BrainCast now.

Train your brain to bring you to sleep state quickly. Become more productive and successful in your life, thanks to the good night sleep. All you need is to learn how to relax and fall asleep. In time you will learn to relax quickly and fall asleep even without using the program.

The Deep Sleep solution set contain audiocast with low Delta brainwave frequencies and nature sounds.

The Deep Sleep videocast is accompanied with sleepy visuals that supports your transition to deep sleep state.

After awaking you will feel fully refreshed, recharged and full of energy. Use with your headphones on. For best results use program for 6-8 weeks.


Deep Sleep program contains 2 tracks:

 1.) Deep Sleep videocast - 15 min Mp4 (Premium Edition Only)

 2.) Deep Sleep audiocast - 30 min Mp3


What do you need to do to achieve the experience and benefits of My BrainCast programs?
• Mp3 media player for Audiocast programs, with use of stereo headphones
• Mp4 media player for Videocast programs, with use of stereo headphones


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