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Start thinking. Activate your dormant right brain hemisphere. Stop others from telling you what is the best for you. Acquire the freedom of thought and become the free thinker. Use your whole brain. Stop being the slave of mainstream paradigms.
If it is the true what they tell you, than why 99% of wealth is held by 1% of the people? Stop being a drone or puppet. Become a real human. Engage the whole brain. Be yourself – think freely!


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We face challenges every day. These challenges can be simple as picking the right color of new T-Shirt. But also challenges can be as complex as choosing the career.

Every kind of challenge requires a different approach. Every challenge requires a certain mixture of logical and creative thinking. If you want to buy the car your creativity will picture the car that you want to have. The brand, type, color, trim etc.

On the other hand, logic will make a judgment about usability, affordability and financial plan for the car. Logic should be making decision. But every action starts with the creativity.

The left hemisphere of our brain is logical, analytic, quantitative, rational and verbal, while the right hemisphere is creative, conceptual, holistic, intuitive, imaginative and non-verbal. The thinking process requires a whole brain – the left and the right hemisphere together. But creativity starts in the right hemisphere.

The logic usually comes first. This may be OK since first we need to have the food, house and car for living. The music or painting can come after.

But are we too much – logically oriented? Did we lost our creativity? Do we really need to be just the slave of the sheer logic, numbers, statistics etc.? Do we need a touch of creativity? After all, all inventions are conceived by the ideas that are initiated by the flash of creativity.

The materialization of an idea just comes afterwards as a result technical expertise. But the spark of creativity is necessary to ignite the idea first!

Creative Genius


We live pretty much in a logical world. In the school we are more dealing with mathematics, grammar, technical subjects, analytics and problem solving. Most of the educational subjects are oriented to the logic or our left side of a brain.

Of course, there are subjects related to arts, but still the most of the curriculum is oriented to technical areas. The focus is not on the creativity and the right hemisphere.

Take a look at the professions of the people you know. How many people are economists, managers, engineered, scientists or simply the workers? How many people are dealing with design or arts? The most probably you could name more people who are dealing with technical-logical-left hemisphere professions, than the people who are artistic-creative-right hemisphere oriented.
It is more than obvious that the world is left hemisphere oriented. As a result we have the army of people who do not think for themselves. Instead they just adopt mainstream ideas. In such world people are just a drones that are programmed by influence of higher authority. All this is because we do not think in creative way.

We do not think how to make a better life for our self, because we are not trained to do so. We are able just to adopt with what is served to us, because it is “logical” to comply instead to be “creative” and think out something better for ourselves.

Creative Genius


There are two ways from this situation. First way is to do nothing and to continue to go down the river, regardless the rocks and waterfalls that may be down ahead of us.

The second way is to make step aside from this situation. We need to make a wake up effort. It is not just decision and one time action. It takes more to awake our dormant right brain hemisphere.
It takes a certain effort to boost our creativity. But with some effort we can awake and start thinking more clearly. We could be able to make visions of our own. We could be able to create our own ideas. We could be able to understand what is really best for us.

Thankfully, the science have the solution for the problem of dormant creativity. This solution is called binaural beats technology. This technology tunes the brainwaves to the most appropriate level, depending of your need.

During the awaken period of a day we are mostly into Beta brain state, fighting with daily logical routine. Creativity starts with lower Alpha brain state. Creative Genius is specially designed program that tunes your brain into Alpha brain state that will induce you into creative state, where you can draw new ideas, visions and awaken your intuition.

Now you have a chance to release yourself from the bonds of logical world that is giving ready solutions to you, even if it is not the best for your needs.

Creative Genius


Creative Genius gives you the unique chance to be yourself, to breathe and think freely. You will be free of clutches of the society that give you the solutions that you do not need. Become a free thinker. Improve your visualization abilities. Become farsighted. Become opinion maker instead of opinion follower. Design your own life instead of using prefabricated lifestyle moulds that are given to you. Become Creative!

All you need is to get your Creative Genius BrainCast program. Download it instantaneously and follow the instruction manual. Get your Creative Genius BrainCast now. Train your brain to be free and creative.

Become more aware of opportunities for successful in your life. All you need is to learn how to awake and stay awaken for your ideas. In time you will gain your creativity edge. Than nothing will stay in your way.

The Creative Genius solution set contain audiocast with mid range Alpha brainwave frequencies and music. The Creative Genius videocast is accompanied with mind opening visuals that supports your transition to fully awaken creative state. Use with your headphones on. For best results use program for 6-8 weeks.


Creative Genius program contains 2 tracks:
  1.) Creative Genius videocast - 15 min Mp4 (Premium Edition only)
  2.) Creative Genius audiocast - 30 min Mp3


What do you need to do to achieve the experience and benefits of My BrainCast programs?
• Mp3 media player for Audiocast programs, with use of stereo headphones
• Mp4 media player for Videocast programs, with use of stereo headphones


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